Hammond Cox Casting

Project Mango

Project Mango (October 2016):


We’re casting a commercial for a major, international company (we can't tell you their name). It's a very quick turnaround, we'll shoot this week - Thursday 6th October in the London area. 

We're looking for a mixture of actors, performers and non-actors towards three moments. There are paid opportunities for men and women of all (adult) ages with lots of diversity:


How To Apply:

Anyone can apply by email. Please include full names and contact details for you and anyone else in the video. You can shoot simple, quick video on your phone. All video should include an introduction to you and everyone in your group. Then choose one of the following, whichever best relates to you:


1. Groups of football fans (of any team) male and female, around 6-8 people. Wearing team colours, doing the Yaya/Kolo dance and chant https://youtu.be/Hsbg9NiMRzk

2. More sports fans (any sport this time) wearing face paint and shouting with excitement into camera as if you're in the crowd at a match.

3. Women talking to camera, telling us a quick, uplifting story about you: something that blows your mind, something that breaks your heart, or something that makes you question everything (we're especially interested in lots of diversity here please).


General Information:

Everyone chosen to take part in the shoot will be given a camera to film themselves – selfie style. They will not have to attend a set in the traditional way. The selfie footage they shoot will end up being in the commercial.

Everyone asked to take part in the shoot will be paid a day fee of £500.00

Everyone whose footage ends up in the commercial will be paid a further £2,000 - £3,000 each (figure varies depending on the number of people in the group, each member of the group will receive a separate fee)


Send video through to us directly at: projectmango@hammondcoxcasting.com